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BAS II – May 4 / 5th 2012

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BAS II - May 4th / 5th


Tenek Exclusive wasn’t too Elusive…

Posted in British pop, DJ, music, Presenter, radio, Rock music with tags , on September 3, 2011 by Rob Harvey (Robrv)

After enjoying a short week; thanks to the last Bank holiday of the year, I was looking forward to this weekends show. Especially as this week, we had the exclusive first airplay of ’Elusive’, a track from the eagerly awaited EP from TENEK; which we had been enjoying a track called ’What do you want from me’, which features the hot Violin skills of Chris Payne (Dramatis). Tenek release their EP on Monday October 10th and as you know, and will be joining me……on Saturday September 10th for a chin-wag ahead of this launch. The guys will be gigging the night before, but promise a good chat anyway; Lead vocalist Peter Steer, is a Billericay boy…… so let’s face it he has got far to crawl.


Electronic music being the order of the day, Twofer’s took two from One Legend, who has stayed the course, despite critics, since the late seventies and has build a huge following, and even more over the years when he embraced his rock roots firmly. If you only knew him for ‘Are Friends Electric’ then his new album, ‘Dead Son Rising’ maybe an eye opener; or is that an ‘Ear opener’ – I’m talking of none other then Gary Numan, and we played: ‘Cars’ and ‘ Fall’.

Gary Numan - Dead Son Rising

My Comedy show picks for this week……

Omid Djalili, at the Greenwich Comedy Festival – 6th Sept 2011

The Greenwich Comedy Festival boasts some of the biggest names in UK comedy. The week-long event will take place in a big top that has been set up in the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College. There will also be plenty of bars, BBQs, live music and cabaret.

Sean Lock, at the Greenwich Comedy Festival – 8th Sept 2011

Arthur Smith, at the Greenwich Comedy Festival – 8th Sept 2011

Rich Hall, at the Greenwich Comedy Festival – 9th Sep 2011

Live music pick for this week;

Mon 05 Sep
The Drums – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London

A Brooklyn post-punk four-piece with hints of surf-rock and indie Melodies

Tue 06 Sep
The Drums – The Lexington, Islington

Wed 07 Sep
The Drums – XOYO, London

Thu 08 Sep
Public Enemy – HMV Forum, London

Hip hop legends from New York are fronted by the iconic Chuck D. They are increasingly relevant today despite peaking commercially in the early nineties, where they had established themselves on MTV for their subversive political songs such as Don’t Believe The Hype and Bring the Noise.